Burgas in Bulgaria

The republic is located in southeastern Europe and has nearly eight million inhabitants. It is in the EU and is also a NATO member. It is located in the east of the Balkan Peninsula and borders Greece, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia. The Black Sea forms a natural border in the east. It has lowlands and two large mountain ranges. In the north the Danube lowlands border the state border with Romania. It has three national parks, eleven nature parks and 54 nature reserves. There are also ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 
Bulgaria's diversity inspires with its unique natural landscapes, although it has become a tourist magnet, it still makes an untouched impression in many places. The country has a thousand years of history and an ancient civilization. It offers much tradition, multiple culture and extensive art. This makes its unique and unmistakable charm. Old monasteries, museum cities as well as villages under monument protection make up the very special charm. 
Is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria and is located on the Black Sea. The port city is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Next to Sofia, the airport is the busiest. Ancient settlements and protected lakes attract visitors. The wild and romantic landscape invites to long hikes. On the Black Sea you can spend a unique bathing vacation. The medieval monastery of Sveta Anastasia is located on an offshore island and is the only preserved island monastery. The city is located in the west of the Black Sea. The climate is rather dry and temperate continental. Moreover, there is the influence of the sea and there are ten to eleven hours of sunshine a day. Due to the influence of the Black Sea, the autumn is particularly long, warm, with little rain. Winter is rather mild and snowfall is rare. Spring comes later and is shorter.

Multifaceted vacation 
Numerous bird species overwinter in the nature reserves and so the area is also very interesting for birdwatchers and ornithologists. 
The port city also offers a lively nightlife and is ideal for night owls. Numerous stores invite you to store and stroll. Street cafes and restaurants provide for the culinary well-being and spoil with local specialties. 
The region also offers opportunities for mountaineering, and in winter, ski tourists also get their money's worth. There are over 20 ski resorts, which are guaranteed snow in January and February Burgas offers many facets and invites to the most diverse activities. 
A tourist highlight is undoubtedly the Black Sea. Wonderful sandy beaches and idyllic little bays invite you to swim and sunbathe. In addition, crystal clear and deep blue water, the region can certainly compete with other dream beaches in the world. In the north of the city lies a picturesque sunny beach, which is only surpassed by the so-called golden beach in Varna. Sun-seekers will get their money's worth here. On Sunny Beach for the beach flat into the water and is therefore particularly suitable for children. The beach Elenite shows itself much more unruly and is therefore suitable for surfers. But also other water sports are possible. The sunny beach is also a special resort for party vacationers, because of the many bars there is sometimes an atmosphere like on the Ballermann. 
However, there are also numerous wellness offers and active vacationers will also find a wide range of activities. 
Also who is interested in history and other cultures is right here. At every turn you will encounter relics from times long past. Whether single or family vacationer, culture lover or nature enthusiast, here is something for everyone. 
The Bulgarians are considered to be particularly hospitable and warm, and Bulgaria is also one of the cheapest vacation destinations. The flight from Germany takes only a few hours, but you can also arrive by car or bus. The entry and the stay are problem-free, the guidelines of the EU apply, one needs only a valid passport or identity card. Since one crosses other countries, one should pay attention to the specifics here and inform oneself exactly. 
This vibrant metropolis in this beautiful bay, surrounded by expressive nature promises a unique vacation experience. Ancient olive trees also grow here and cypresses tower into the sky, with the comparable Mediterranean climate the scenario reminds a bit of Italy. 
The Poda National Park is in the immediate vicinity, here she will find a variety of rather rare plant and animal species. It promises unique impressions and unique nature experiences. The Strandscha Mountains surround the city and invite to excursions and hikes. 
Burgas also has hot springs, these warm mineral spas were used in ancient times. A feudal hamam, built as early as the 16th century, still offers an oasis of rest and relaxation. On the television tower in dizzy height one has a breathtaking view over the whole Black Sea coast. Furthermore, the city has a lot of green spaces and parks, which gives it a special flair. The most impressive is probably the sea garden. Created at the end of the 19th century, it fascinates with impressive flower beds and a unique flowerage. It stretches along the slopes of the coast and offers a fantastic panoramic view of the beach. 
For the cultural vacationer, there are medieval buildings around the city that can be visited. In any case, you should also look at the imposing cathedral in the middle of the city. Built in the 19th century, this three-nave cross-domed church is a landmark of the city. 
Multicultural character 
Bulgaria is in any case multicultural. It is located between Asia and Europe and has been inhabited over the centuries by the most diverse groups of peoples. Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Turkish and Russian compatriots lived here and shaped the country. The influence can be seen in the language, cuisine and culture. Under this influence, the numerous magnificent buildings were built, which still fascinate today and give the country its diversity. 
The cuisine belongs to the Balkan cuisine, it was exposed to oriental and Mediterranean influences over the centuries. Nevertheless, it has preserved its originality and is above all rural. At the seaside there is of course a lot of fish, in the interior the cuisine is very much focused on meat. The best known are minced meat rolls and a special mutton goulash, sheep's cheese and schnapps are also not to be missed. As an appetizer there is often a cold soup and also a typical salad of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and onions is served. But of course, the restaurants cater to tourists in addition to the typical dishes of the country. 
In conclusion, it can be said that hardly any other vacation region offers such diversity. There is more than enough variety here. During the vacation season, the beaches are a tourist stronghold. The rest of the time it is rather quiet, but bathing weather is almost guaranteed until September. Sun-seekers are in the right place here, as are water rats, bathing mermaids and water sports enthusiasts. Also for night owls enough is offered and they come at their expense. Those interested in culture will find numerous offers to visit historical buildings and nature lovers will also enjoy the unique flora and fauna.