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Auswandern nach Bulgarien
Bulgaria – dream destination for the last stage of retired life

To emigrate means to leave one’s home country forever with the aim of finding a new home in another country. This can, but by no means has to be a country in distant continents such as Australia or North America. Even within Europe, there are countries that are as worthwhile as they are interesting, where it is literally possible to live well. One of them is definitely Bulgaria, the 110,000 km² country in the east on the Balkan Peninsula with the Black Sea as its natural border.

In order to settle down permanently in Bulgaria, the emigrant needs an accommodation either for rent or as real estate. With an experienced real estate agent Bulgaria on the side, it is very easy to find the right home for the coming years among the many properties in Bulgaria. Who would like to look around first of all in the country, which is scarcely a third as largely as Germany, can be arranged by the real estate agent Bulgaria a renting apartment. From this base can be sighted and selected in the coming months or also one, two years among the country-wide real estates Bulgaria. It is certain that the real estate agent Bulgaria will be successful in finding the most beautiful home among many beautiful real estate Bulgaria.

Get to know the country and its people

• Those who have not yet traveled to the country in recent years or decades are now, at the latest, taking a closer look at their future home. The distance between the two capitals Berlin and Sofia is about 1,700 kilometers by car or a 20-hour drive through several countries. With an area of more than 440,000 km², the Black Sea is about one third larger than the Federal Republic of Germany. The entire region along the Black Sea is ideal for a tranquil retirement life. Here, the year-round climate is mild, without the summer months being too hot and the winter season excessively cold. The coastal climate is Mediterranean and yet not subtropical. As they say, it is good to live here.

• The country is divided into 28 administrative districts, the oblasts. On the Black Sea, there are the three oblasts of Dobrich, Burgas and Varna. Bulgaria has always been an important transit country and has a good to very good road and rail transport infrastructure. The country-wide road network is about 25,000 kilometers long. Certainly, not every village is connected to supraregional roads. On the other hand, the retiree willing to emigrate should attach importance to a high-quality infrastructure at his future place of residence. All this sounds more difficult and cumbersome than it actually is. With the real estate agent for Bulgaria it is easy to find the right place to live. This can be one of the livable suburbs in the 500 km² large national capital Sofia with its 1.3 million inhabitants; or also the port city Warna at the Black Sea as the country-wide third largest city and traffic junction in the northeast of Bulgaria. These examples make clear: with an experienced, local real estate agent for Bulgaria, the right place to live is virtually guaranteed, whereas the unfamiliar with the area is at a loss without the real estate agent.

• Bulgaria has a lot to offer culturally and scenically. There are about a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit and learn about across the country. Throughout the country there are three national parks, a dozen nature parks and more than four dozen nature reserves. The country is involved in the two nature conservation initiatives Green Belt Europe and Blue Heart Europe of the European Union. A nationwide tradition are customs & folklore with colorful traditional costumes along with historical solo and group dances. The Bulgarians, as the inhabitants are called, are communicative, hospitable and open-minded. Even a lack of language skills is no obstacle to getting used to the new home. If necessary, communication can be achieved with hands and feet. In short, for the retiree as a newcomer in his home country Bulgaria, the so-called “in-between” is no problem at all.

Tips for preparing for the future center of life Bulgaria

It is clear that the decision to emigrate to eastern Bulgaria needs to be carefully considered. But if the question of change is answered with yes even after much deliberation, then action should follow. With these tips you are on the safe side to quickly settle in far from your current home and then feel at home there for the rest of your life.

• Formalities and bureaucracy

The registration of the new place of residence, which is comparable with Germany, takes place at the local police station at the place of residence. The residence permit, which is limited to five years, is issued here. An ID card serves as identification in the country, the identification card instead of the identity card known here. At the end of the five-year period, the permit is renewed for a further five years and then repeated as often as required. For the first and single entry from EU country to EU country, the valid identity card or passport is the sufficient document.

• Language and writing

The national language is Bulgarian, and it is officially written in Cyrillic script. The emigrant can overcome this difficulty by familiarizing himself with the national language and the previously unknown spelling even in retirement age. As a result, a lot of things have to be translated in the beginning. The correspondence with the real estate agent for Bulgaria is naturally German in word and writing. If rental or purchase contracts are concluded or notarized, this is done either in German or in Bulgarian with an officially certified translation.

• Cheap currency and cheap life in the country

The Bulgarian currency is the lev. Bulgaria is not a eurozone country, but has retained its national currency even as an EU member state. This now benefits the pensioner. The exchange rate is as follows:

  • 1 lev = depending on the daily exchange rate ~ 0.50 euro
  • 1 Euro = ~ 2 Lew
  • 1.000 Euro are about 2.000 Lew

Due to the different standard of living and the associated cost of living, the German pension in Bulgaria is worth more than double. This begins with the cost of accommodation with basic rent, utilities and energy costs and continues with the daily expenses in the supermarket and retail. The monthly pension of, for example, 1,500 euros corresponds to the monthly net income of 3,000 levs. The difference in prices and costs between Bulgaria’s big cities on the one hand and the rural regions on the other is considerable to serious for everyday products.

• Health insurance and medical care

In addition to the statutory health insurance, the emigrant should in any case take out private health insurance. This way he is on the safe side here in Bulgaria, always and everywhere to be provided with the highest level of medical care. This applies to both outpatient and inpatient care in the modern, well-equipped hospitals in all major Bulgarian cities. Not every private health insurance company offers this insurance coverage on a permanent basis. In this respect, it is helpful or even necessary to look for such an international health policy at an early stage.

In order to clarify further interesting as well as important points for emigrating to Bulgaria, experienced contact persons are available such as

  • the Foreign Office in Berlin
  • the Bulgarian Embassy in Berlin
  • the German Embassy in Sofia
  • several emigration blogs on the Internet
  • the real estate agent in and for Bulgaria
Conclusion about the emigration destination Bulgaria

The Balkan country is not only a very beautiful vacation destination, but also perfectly suitable for permanent living and housing. The Bulgarian people cherish and preserve their traditions. These include the typical architecture of the country as well as spiritual customs. The locals love to party to the sounds of traditional music, and folklore is an integral part of all celebrations. This joie de vivre is transferred to everyday life, which should not be difficult for the German retiree as an emigrant and is not made difficult in any way.

In one sentence, Bulgaria offers a livable piece of home throughout the country!

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