360 degree real estate tour, virtual 360° tour through a property

What is a virtual tour?
Virtual tour is a modern method of real estate marketing. It does not take place in the
real estate, but on the display of smartphones, laptops and the like.
access to a computer-generated, interactive environment that reflects the property.
reflects the property. Within this virtual reality, they can navigate and zoom in and out.
The viewing tour is often offered as a 360° tour, whereby virtually every corner of the room can be viewed.
of the room can be viewed. A 3-D panoramic tour allows a large viewing angle, but not a complete panoramic view,
but not a complete all-round view.

What are the advantages of virtual property tours?
The virtual tour of a property benefits both the seller and the potential buyer.
in equal measure. Regardless of whether it is a house, an apartment or commercial premises. On-site
site visits are time-consuming and sometimes involve a longer journey. Both parties
have to find a common date, which should take place in daylight if possible. Rarely
a contract of sale is already concluded during the first inspection of the property. Instead, prospective
Instead, prospective buyers visit several properties and sellers guide many prospective buyers through the premises.
This effort can be minimized by online viewings.

Advantages for the buyer
Anyone looking for a property can make a qualified pre-selection during the virtual tours.
preselection. And they can do so at their leisure! They can take the tour several times, with
family, with friends, with competent advisors. You don’t even have to leave the couch
leave the couch. In this way, you can identify exclusion criteria, make remodeling plans and mentally furnish the rooms.
mentally furnish the rooms. If the object is shortlisted, you can still see it for real.
see it for real.

How sellers benefit
As an owner, you can avoid the so-called viewing tourism. Because you first invite the
invite potential buyers to a virtual tour first. Ideally, you will then only be contacted
contacted by seriously interested parties, to whom you then show the real property. Whether you offer the 3-D
tour to the general public or to individuals is up to you. In the first case
you could integrate the tour into the digital exposé. Otherwise, you can send the link by
request by e-mail or require visitors to register. This is especially advisable if the
property is still inhabited and privacy is to be protected.
As experienced real estate agents for Bulgaria, we present your property in a clear and representative way.
representative. Take advantage of the digital possibilities and let us create a virtual 3-D tour of the property.
for the object. Thanks to modern technology, interested parties can even start the tour on their
smartphone and get a comprehensive impression of the property.


Do you already visit properties in virtual reality (VR) or still on site? Clever providers
have been presenting houses, apartments and commercial properties digitally for a long time: Photos are good,
films are better, but virtual tours are ideal. This way, you can often save time and travel
for the local viewing appointment. Instead, you bring the property onto your display and
discover it on a 360° tour or a panoramic tour.

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