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Are you looking for real estate by the sea in the European Union? Then Bulgaria is suitable for this. The country is mountainous in the interior and in the east the coast runs along the Black Sea. Bulgaria has a large number of national and nature parks. The country, with the capital Sofia, has a well-developed transport network and a variety of cultural treasures. 

Under the search term “real estate Bulgaria” you can find beautiful accommodation in the tourist city of Nessebar. It is famous for cultural and seaside tourism and is even included in the world cultural heritage UNESCO with its urban art. Historical wooden houses, excavations and beautiful churches adorn the city. In summer it is wonderfully warm with 30 degrees and quite dry with only four rainy days. In winter, on the other hand, it averages about five degrees. The old town with its beautiful old walls tells a long story. Remains from Roman times and the Middle Ages are still present today. Small stores in narrow streets invite you to stroll. 

The seaside resort of Sonnenstrand is also located in a tranquil bay. Not for nothing the seaside resort has the words beach and sun in its name. The beach is eight kilometers long and 100 meters wide. The nearest airport is 35 kilometers away. For young people, the place has to offer an intense nightlife in the summer. There are numerous bars and clubs in the seaside resort. From the transport point of view, the town is very easy to reach. In summer there are regular buses. In winter it is rather quieter, because not so many tourists spend the cool season here. 

Burgas, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, is also located on the Black Sea. It is an industrial and port city, but also has a lot to offer culturally. In the vicinity there are several lakes under nature protection. Five rivers flow through the city and the surrounding area is considered a breeding ground for pelicans, cormorants and other birds. The city offers some cultural highlights. Besides theaters and the opera, there are art galleries, libraries and museums. In addition, there are some sacral buildings and warm mineral spas. Many gardens and parks decorate the city. There is also a casino in the middle of the beach, which invites you to gamble. 

Water activities are provided on the Black Sea coast. Various water sports are offered. The underwater world can also be explored by snorkeling or diving. Bulgaria also has a lot to offer in the way of culinary delights. In the morning there is a sweet pastry made of puff pastry. Around noon, when it is very hot in summer, cold soups and salads offer cooling. This is accompanied by a spicy bread (pitka). As a main course in Bulgaria there are very often stews with or without meat. Lamb, pulses and seafood are also common on the menu. For dessert, there is buffalo yogurt with honey or pogača, a cupcake with cinnamon and raisins. Bulgaria also grows its own wine and has a wide selection of beer to offer. 

Once you have been to Bulgaria and got to know and love the people, the culture and the countryside, you will surely come back to this beautiful country full of tradition in the near future.


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